Our Eye Center boasts of a state of the art lineup of diagnostic equipment and laser machines unparalleled in South of Manila. We cater not only to the patients and doctors from this hospital but also those coming from nearby cities and provinces.

The entire staff is dedicated to one goal: to provide excellent service. Our singular focus is meeting our patients’ needs and making their experience truly outstanding.

Our office provides a complete range of Ophthalmologic diagnostic service that features OCT of the Macula and Optic Nerve Head, OCT-Angiography, Fluorescein Angiography, and Perimetry, as well as ancillary services such as IOL Master Biometry, Specular Microscopy and Pachymetry. We also house continuous wave (Argon) and Nd-Yag laser machines capable of performing various treatment procedures in the eye. In the near future, we will also unveil our very own Dry Eye Center that includes the Tear Lab osmolarity tester, Ocular Surface Analyzer and EyeLight Laser.

Our friendly and competent staff is dedicated to making your visit a satisfactory experience. At a time when health care is being ushered into the New Normal, the Eye Center maintains its resolve to provide the best possible service to its clients.